Hello and welcome to Constellations, my quarterly newsletter! 

I’m Lindsay Gardner, an artist, illustrator, and author. I live on a peninsula in Northern Michigan with my husband and two daughters. My home and studio are in close proximity to Lake Michigan, a body of water that has been a constant influence and often a source of rapture in my life since I was very young.

What is Constellations? 

Constellations is the quarterly newsletter that I write with the turning of each season. Writing here is my way of taking note throughout the year of what I see, observe and find energizing–the sparks that lend shape to my life and fuel to my creativity–and sharing them with you. Though the content of each dispatch may shift, you can expect to read about studio updates, new and evolving work, inspiration, what I’m reading and cooking, a bright light and more. Thank you for reading along!

Why do you write it four times a year? 

When my family and I moved from Northern California to Northern Michigan several years ago, we made an intentional readjustment to living more closely attuned to nature, and a return to the rhythms of the four distinct seasons I grew up with as a kid. Now we live in forested dunes, along the shore of Lake Michigan, where nature constantly gives me something magnificent to behold. The cadence and feeling of each season lends perspective and symbolism to the pulse of my life and my art. Navigating myself back to these connections with the natural world as an adult, and finding inspiration in them, is what made me want to create Constellations and share it with you.

How can I read it?  

You can read Constellations as a newsletter in your inbox, on the Constellations website, or on the Substack app. Subscribing to Constellations is free.

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Where can I learn more about you and your work? 

Visit lindsaygardnerart.com to see more about my work and my 2021 book, Why We Cook: Women on Food, Identity, and Connection, or head to instagram where you can find me @lindsaygardnerart.

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Lindsay Gardner

Artist and author living and working in Northern Michigan